Minorities That Fought for the South

The typical approach to telling history today is to ignore those "nasty" little facts that cloud the issues.  People want their history stories nice and neat, with lines clearly drawn.  Reality is not so clear.  Below are links to some sites that will challenge the individual to rethink their understanding of the War for Southern Independence.  Many people today are taught that  the war was about slavery and that Southern whites were attempting to establish a white-only, or a white-supremacist society, and that the north was fighting to free the slaves.  The truth is nothing like this work of fiction most kids are fed.  Check out these links and read the truth for yourself.

U.S. Department of Defense:  Black Confederates

Of All Colors (stories of Black, American Indian, and Asian Confederates)

Black Confederates in the Civil War

Black Confederate Soldiers

American Indian Confederate Heritage