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Quotes of Alexander Stephens



“Depend upon it, there is no difference between Consolidation and Empire; no difference between Centralism and Imperialism. The consummation of either must necessarily end in the overthrow of Liberty and the establishment of Despotism.”

"Men's convictions as to Truth, or what they receive as the Truth, depend entirely upon their understanding of facts!"

"The first Union so formed, from which the present Union arose, was that of the Colonies in 1774. They were 13 in number. These were distinct and separate political organizations or bodies. After that the Union of States was formed under the Articles of Confederation, in 1777; and then, the modifications of the terms of this Union by the new Compact of 1787, known as the present Constitution... "Whatever intimate relationships, therefore, existed between the citizens of the respective 33 States constituting the Union in 1860, they were created by, or sprung from, the terms of the Compact o 1787, by which the original States as States were united... "These terms were properly called the Constitution of the united States; not the Constitution of one people as one society or one nation, but the Constitution of a number of separate and distinct peoples, or political bodies, known as States..."

"Whatever errors in policy they may have committed, either in inception of the difficulties or in their subsequent management, the real object of those who resorted to Secession, as well as those who sustained it, was not to overthrow the Government of the united States; but to perpetuate the principles upon which it was founded. The object in quitting the Union was not to destroy, but to save the principles of the Constitution. The form of Government therein embodied, I did think, and do still think, the best the world ever saw, and I fear the world will never see its like again."


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