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The "Southern Language"

Without a doubt, Southerners have a unique way of talking that differentiates them from the rest of the English speaking world.  Not only are their accents different, but their way of talking, their slang words, colloquialisms, and even their rate of talk.  However, even within the South, there are variations on the Southern accent.  An east-Tennessean doesn't have the same accent as a Texan, and the North Carolinian doesn't sound like the Georgian.  There are easily as many subtle variations on the Southern accent as their are Southern states, but they all carry the "Southern brogue" that identifies these people as being from the South.  Here we provide some articles that discuss the Southern accent as well as some links to sites that offer some explanations, and even some examples of Southern speech (if you have a sound card in your computer).




Verbal Independence  - A series of articles discussing the uniqueness of the Southern language.

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