Another one of those wonderful foods that is distinctly Southern is grits.  If you are reading this and don't know what grits are, then you most likely aren't from the South.  For the uninformed, grits are great, and if you aren't from Dixie, but you're down South trying grits for the first time, don't act like a Yankee by putting sugar on your grits.  Grits aren't cream of wheat, and you will not only ruin good grits, you'll embarrass yourself in front of the locals.  Lots of things go in grits, like salt and butter, and sometimes cheese, but NEVER sugar.  Here are some links to enlighten the less fortunate who aren't knowledgeable about grits, and some good recipes for those who love 'em.

What are Grits?                                                                Grits explained

Hominy Grits                                                                    World Grits Festival

Grits                                                                                  Cookiní with Grits

Down South Grits                                                             Fried Hominy Grits