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Southern Food

Quite frankly, Southern food is good!  One can talk about whether or not it is healthful, but there is no denying that traditional Southern cooking makes it hard to push away from the table.  As with much of what makes up other aspects of the South, Southern food incorporates a wide variety of things and draws from several other cultures.  There is seafood, Cajun, Tex-Mex, and the traditional "Country Cooking" that makes up Southern food.  What is often called "Soul Food" is basically good old Southern country cooking.  Soul Food's roots are definitely in the South.  Hey, if it's fried, then it probably originated in the South.  In this section, we have provided links to sites that provide recipes for traditional Southern dishes as well as new items being created in Dixie.  Also, there are links to studies of the history of Southern food, as well as some chat rooms for Southern-cooking enthusiasts.

Bon appetit!


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There are some foods that especially stand out as being Southern, or being from the South.  These items have been "honored" with their own pages with links to information.  Below are those "hallowed" foods that Southerners so love, and love to argue about.

Barbeque Grits Cornbread

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