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Southern Dance

To the heart of the matter, Southerners are sensualists.  That means that the Southern people love life and love to live and experience life.  One part of that is expressing oneself, as well as enjoying oneself, by dancing.  Southern dancing can include Clogging, Square dancing, Round dancing, the Texas Two-Step or Three-Step, or a number of other styles, including the Shag (not to be confused with anything to do with the Austin Powers series of movies).  Below we have linked to sites that we hope will help people to see and share in some of the dancing traditions of the South.  As in many other sections of this web site, if you have any suggestions for links we should add, please e-mail us and let us know.



Southern Week at Ashokan  (search this site for other links for dancing)

Virginia Reel

The Shag (site one)

The Shag (site two)


Square Dancing

Texas Two-Step

Mountain Legacy: A Celebration of Southern Appalachian Dance & Music


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