Andy Samuel Griffith

1926 -

Andy was born in Mt. Airy, North Carolina June 1, 1926. The only child of Carl Lee and Geneva Nann Nunn Griffith. He went to college with the intent of studying to be a Moravian preacher but changed his major to music and drama.

All of these pursuits worked to launch his career with a preacher act. He went on to play Sir Walter Raleigh with a British accent. But it was his folksy, down-home North Carolina accent that made him a star. First in his triumphant Broadway show, No Time for Sergeants, and then his acclaimed role in A Face in the Crowd. His career spanned the decades in radio, stage, TV and film.

His long-running TV comedy series as a southern sheriff in "The Andy Griffith Show" established him as a television icon. Today he is best known for his portrayal of an Atlanta lawyer on the popular television series, Matlock.

Andy's two TV shows, "The Andy Griffith Show," and "Matlock," gave America a look at two aspects of Southern life.  One gave a humorous look at small-town life with the familiarity among the town folk it breeds and the independence Southerners enjoyed in the rural lifestyle.  The other gave a positive portrayal of a Southern lawyer who was smart and able to beat big-city lawyers in the court room, and showed that Southerners were intelligent and capable of handling themselves in tough situations.