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Articles on Individual Southerners

History doesn't just happen. People make history. People also interpret history. In this section, it is our hope to present a variety of outlooks on people from the South. We would like to find interesting topics concerning people of the South, as individuals as well as groups of people. We don't expect the list of articles here to be all encompassing, but we will attempt to provide information that you will find interesting and enlightening.



John Rolfe

Patrick Henry

The Civilized Libertarian

Facts Trumps Fiction on Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson: Deist or Christian?

Free and Independent

George Mason: The Revolution's Forgotten Hero

Gouverneur Morris

John Taylor of Caroline

Captain Meriwether Lewis

From the Life of Colonel David Crockett

John Calhoun's Defense of Liberty

The Deterioration of Virtue

How Tall was Robert E. Lee?

Stonewall Jackson, Champion of Black Literacy

The Davis Legacy

Jefferson Davis: Our Greatest Hero

The Jefferson Davis Funeral Train Story

Johann August Heinrich Heros Von Borcke

Who's the greatest Southerner born during the 20th century?

Richard Weaver: Philosopher from Dixie

Richard Weaver: Historian of the South

Confederate Groups Honor Black Soldiers

North of the Tweed and South of the Potomac

Washington and Lincoln

William Faulkner's Southern Draw

I'll Take My Stand: John Crowe Ransom

Immigrants and Identities in the Old South

A Legacy that Stirs Pride

Band of Brothers

I Am A Southerner

Zora Neale Hurston

Johnny Mercer

Defender of the Decalogue (Judge Roy Moore)

Strom Thurmond

Strom Thurmond Really was Exceptional

Strom Thurmond Continued

Sam Phillips, Rock Pioneer

Southern Educators

Earl Scruggs: Master of the Banjo

True Texicans

What Defines Who Southerners Are?


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