Minorities in the South

Below are articles that address some aspect of Southern minorities.  If you don't find what you are looking for here, before you give up on what you are looking for, check one of the other categories of articles.

Blacks, Jews fight on side of the South

Blacks join Confederate group to honor heritage

Brothers in Arms

Declaration by the People of the Cherokee Nation

Why the Cherokees Allied themselves with the Confederates

Hebrew heritage, Southern


Hispanics in the Confederacy

Asian Siamese twins contributions to the South/Confederacy

Rebel Re-enactor with a Cause

American Indians finding success at nation building

Documentary Brings to Mind Forgotten Black Confederates

Author Claims Apology for Slavery not Necessary

Author Releases Novel on Blacks in Confederate South

The True Story of Amos Rucker

A Black Soldier's Christmas Gift

Former Slave's Family Sees Him Honored At Last

Confederate Memorial Day to Honor Soldiers that sided against Union

S. B. Fuller: Master of Enterprise

The Transformation of Dr. Ernestine Harrison

Winbush's View of the South is a Family Matter