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Articles on Southern Culture

Below are articles that address some aspect of Southern culture. If you don't find what you are looking for here, before you give up on what you are looking for, check one of the other categories of articles.



The Dream of the South


Give me that Old Time Religion

Christianity, the South, and the Culture War

Southerners as an Ethnic Group?

Origin of the Teddy Bear

Southern Pride

A Message for Young Southerners

Vanderbilt University Taking Political Correctness Too Far

Manners, Morals, Customs and Public Perceptions

Chivalry: The Defining Element of Southern Culture

'Generosity Index' Shows Southern Kindness

Age-Old Culinary Questions Still Stir a Fire

Southern History as Told Through its Cuisine

Hot on the Bourbon Trail

Defending the South

Our Charming Speech is Gone With the Wind

Southern Heritage Suffered from Neglect

Don't Let Political Correctness Rob Us of Southern Heritage

A Southerner's Thoughts

Ignorance and the Ongoing War Between the States

Southern Cooking Techniques

The "There" Down There: A Southern Sense of Place

Show Respect for This Flag (Northern Ireland News)

Theology of the South

Fundamentalism in Recent Southern Culture

Don't Trash the South

Looking South

Nothing Tastes More Like the South than Boiled Peanuts

Reconstruction - Another Name for Cultural Genocide

Truth May Inconvenience Our Perceptions

Southerners Know How to React

What is a Nation?

What is Southern, Anyway?

Hey, You Guys, Give Us Back Our 'Y'all'

The Christian Basis of Southern Culture

Percentage of People Who Identify Themselves as 'Southern'

Gullah Fighting to Preserve Culture

Is 'Jingle Bells' Really a Song of the South?

Motorcyclists Honor Cherokees Forced on Trail of Tears

Nazis? Not Hardly.

Reed says seeds of South sown across U.S.

Southerners Sick of Being Punching Bag

Southern Heritage Then and Now

Upper Dixie Regards from Southern Illinois

Why do the Neocons hate Dixie so?

The Confederate Vote

Government Schools - Propaganda from Reconstruction to the Present

If Y'all don't like Dixie, Delta's ready

Long-ago Summers: Better life no mirage

A Grits Revival With the Flavor of the Old South

Oh Canada

Voters Increasingly Split Along Religious Lines

The Southern Tradition

Tough Ancestors

Perspective, White Like Me

Defending Southern Heritage? Sober Up!

The South Can Save Civilization

I Stand Firm by my Southern Roots

Difference between an Accent and Proper English

Celtic Warrior Roots

Community and Economic Affection

Southern Values Threaten Elites


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